4 Reasons Why Artificial Turf is Better for the Environment

Going green is more than a passing trend. It has become a way of life for many families and companies around the country. From recycling soda cans and bottles to using a stainless steel water bottle and reusable grocery bags, thinking about the small ways we impact the environment has become standard. 


Another way people are starting to realize they can be more green is by installing artificial turf at home or work. 


Why Turf is the Greener Option

Artificial turf became popular because it is relatively low maintenance, and saves time and money over its lifetime. But another great benefit is that it’s better for the environment than natural grass. Here are four reasons why artificial turf helps you reduce your carbon footprint.


1. Less Water Consumption

Unless you live in the pacific northwest or Florida, natural grass requires watering once to three times per week. Eco-friendly turf needs no watering. The only water that artificial turf requires is for occasional cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. 


Of course, many homeowners like to concentrate their living plants on the lawn’s perimeters. Although these plants still need to be watered, they require just 10-15% of the amount of water that a natural lawn would need. One of the primary benefits many people find from turf is water conservation, and the money saved in lower water bills.


2. Fewer Chemical Products Needed

With natural grass, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other applications all go into the lawn on a monthly or quarterly basis. These often-harmful chemicals seep into the soil and even nearby water sources. But with eco-friendly turf, you don’t have to apply any of these chemicals, making for a safer lawn



3. Reduced Air Pollution

When you have natural grass, you need to use lawnmowers, leaf blowers, edgers, and other tools that can create air pollution. However, with artificial lawns, most, if not all, of these gadgets can go to the pawnshop. No more mowing or edging is needed, although you may still want that leaf blower for easy leaf and debris removal. The reduction of mowers and other equipment reduces carbon emissions and improves the overall air quality.


4. Recyclable Materials

Can you believe that plant-based artificial grass is made with natural materials? It’s almost mind-boggling. It’s true: many artificial turf products are made with recyclable materials. Of course, recyclable materials make for a more environmentally-friendly product. 


Second, with recyclable materials, when the time comes for the life of the product to end, you will be able to recycle many of the components that made up your artificial lawn. The technology has come far in recent years and some cities even have turf recycling facilities. In Dallas, there are companies that will sell “used” or “recycled” turf by pulling out your old turf.


Go Green with Artificial Turf

So, is turf good for the environment? While it does depend on the turf you get and the manufacturing process that goes into it, artificial turf has many benefits that make it better for the environment. Whether you are looking for artificial grass for businesses or synthetic grass for your home, SYNLawn Dallas has options and experts to help.


With eco-friendly artificial turf, you can take steps to help reduce your carbon footprint. Just like reducing the amount of plastic you use inside your home, a synthetic lawn can help the environment too. With less water used, less pollution created, fewer chemicals in your yard, and better capabilities for gathering and reusing rainwater, artificial turf can make a big impact on your individual carbon footprint. 


If you are ready to get started on making the switch to an artificial lawn to help the environment and lower your carbon footprint at home or work, SYNLawn Dallas professionals can help with everything from turf selection to installation to understanding how best to care for the lawn. Get in touch today by leaving your message on this contact form.

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