Get Ready for the Fitness Rush With Speed and Track Turf for Your Gym

January is often one of the busiest times of the year at gyms around the country. As people set New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape, exercise more, and just generally be healthier, they sign up for new gym memberships or head back to the gym with a long-forgotten membership. 

To be ready for the influx of new or returning members with fresh goals for the New Year, make sure to prepare your gym or fitness center with some renovations. Gym renovation projects don’t have to be extensive. You don’t need to shut down the entire facility, either. You can do sections or phases to keep your gym in operational status. 

Some of the easiest or quickest renovation projects you can get started now to have a fresh look and feel come January is installing new fitness and agility turf for different fitness options inside or outside your gym. Here’s how you can prep for the fitness rush with Speed and Track Turf for your gym. 

Fitness & Agility Turf for Gyms

When considering what type of fitness turf options to add indoors or outdoors at your gym, take a look at how you plan for the area to be used. Will you keep it open for sprints? Will you put the kettlebell rack in the area? Will you use it for group training sessions? There are different agility and track turf that athletes love

Here are two options for different applications. Both can be used indoors or outdoors, so they can fit into your gym where it makes the most sense for you!

Synlawn Speed Turf

Speed Turf: For Strength & Agility Training

One athletic turf option for Dallas gyms is called Speed Turf. This turf is great for strength and agility training areas of your gym. Here are five benefits of Speed Turf for gym owners and athletes:

  1. Easy to clean 
  2. Non-abrasive 
  3. Low friction
  4. Durable
  5. 5 mm rubber padding

This can make Speed Turf right for gyms, fitness studios, and cross-training centers as an indoor turf or can be used to create an outdoor training area on the side of the gym.

Synlawn Track Turf

Track Turf: For Agility & Cross-Training

For gyms looking to create a space for cross-training for athletes who enjoy running or track and field type sports, Track Turf can be a great solution. Five benefits that gym owners and athletics enjoy include:

  1. Eliminated seams as lines are tufted into the turf
  2. 5 mm rubber padding
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Reduced resistance
  5. Durable

Track Turf can withstand intense workouts while absorbing impacts on joints. This can help prevent unnecessary stress and reduce common athletic injury. Create a track inside or outside of your gym with running track turf for athletes to run and train, bringing an additional offering to the standard treadmill option at gyms.

3 Additional Gym Upgrades

If you’ve completed the gym turf installation project, there are other quick upgrades you can do to be ready for the new year fitness rush. 

  • New equipment: You don’t have to replace all of the equipment, but adding a new rowing machine or replacing a worn-out elliptical can make a huge difference. You can also bring in new dumbbells or kettlebells, or even just invest in a new storage rack for weights to up the appearance of your strength training area.
  • A fresh coat of paint: Sometimes, all that’s needed to make any place look like new is a coat of paint on the walls. Upgrade the gym itself, the pool area, or the locker rooms with paint or a decorative wall adhesive.
  • Stock the locker rooms: If you don’t already, have soap and shampoo available in the shower area and consider free feminine hygiene supplies in the women’s locker room. These small touches can go a long way to making people feel welcome and cared for at your gym.

After you’ve decided it’s time for artificial turf for athletic training centers to be ready for new and returning members, work with professionals to make your vision happen. At SYNLawn Dallas, our experts have helped fitness centers, homes, and businesses convert spaces to functional and decorative with artificial turf.

By installing fitness turf, you can create a unique element to draw in more members and give fitness junkies a space to focus on their training more safely. Fill out this form to get started with gym turf for your fitness center today.

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January is often one of the busiest times of the year at gyms around the country. As people set New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape, exercise more, and just generally be healthier, they sign up for new gym memberships or head back to the gym with a long-forgotten membership.  To be ready for the…

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