Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of an Artificial Lawn

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On average, the cost of an artificial lawn is between $6 and $20 per square foot. A 500-square-foot residential yard, for example, would cost between $3,000 and $10,000 total, depending on the type of lawn, materials, and labor involved. 

Although artificial turf requires a significant upfront investment, you’ll start saving money after 3-5 years, compared to natural sod. In addition to saving time, money, energy, and water, you’ll also have an ideal ground cover for your playground, pets, putting green, athletic field, or rooftop.

Cost of Artificial Grass per Square Foot

The cost per square foot for artificial turf ranges from $6 to $20. Two factors will determine the square footage price.

  1. The size of the surface you want to cover
  2. Type and quality of artificial grass

For example, the unit price for residential artificial turf for a 1,000 square foot yard will be higher than for a 10,000 square foot synthetic commercial lawn.

The price per square foot also depends on the function you want the artificial lawn to serve. Different types of synthetic greens serve different purposes. Some materials are designed to meet the needs of pets with stain-resistant and odor-neutralizing features. Others are designed for areas with high foot traffic, like commercial putting greens.

High-quality turf generally costs more than those made from less resilient materials. However, choosing a high-end synthetic will give you the most durable and natural-looking result. Modern materials also offer benefits such as antimicrobial infills or Heat Block Technology for additional safety.

Cost of SYNLawn

Realistic SYNLawn material resembles natural grass and costs between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. Three distinct features of SYNLawn material make it true-to-life.

  1. Color – The turf has three or more different colors of grass.
  2. Length – Sand granules keep the synthetic blades one and ¾ inches tall.
  3. Texture – A thatch layer and dimensional variety mimic the feeling of a real lawn.

The cost with installation ranges from $9 to $15. This material is ideal for home and commercial landscaping, playgrounds, putting greens, and pets.

Installation Costs for Synthetic Turf

A natural and long-lasting artificial turf installation typically requires professional help. Think of installing a synthetic lawn as similar to installing a carpet. Any mistakes in trimming or securing the material in place could lead to unsightly buckling or wrinkling. There are a few upfront labor costs to take into consideration.


Before professionals can install an artificial lawn, they have to prepare the surface. First, a subfloor, typically gravel, is laid down to allow for drainage. Any existing natural sod, weeds, or concrete will require removal, which will increase the cost. Expect to pay between $4 and $14 per square foot in labor costs.


The next step involves trimming the material and ensuring that all the fibers are facing the same direction. Connecting seams and securing edges require meticulous precision that’s best left to the experts. 

You’ll also need to factor in the price of materials like landscaping pins that ensure a flawless, long-lasting result. Depending on the size of the project, all the steps involved with installation can take two to five days.

Maintenance Expenses for Artificial Lawns

The cost of artificial lawn maintenance is substantially lower than that of natural grass. Annual brushing and upkeep of the infill are inexpensive and easy to do by yourself. You can easily remove stains with soapy hot water and a turf brush.

Synthetic grass is designed for optimal drainage, so you won’t experience pooling when it rains. You can also skip the mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Compared to sod, artificial grass essentially has zero maintenance costs.

Cost of Artificial Grass vs. Natural Sod

Artificial lawns initially cost more than sod to install. However, if you calculate the expenses of maintaining a natural turf, the synthetic green pays for itself after 3-5 years. Following is an example calculation for a 500 square foot residential lawn.

Cost of Natural Lawn

  • Installation: $2 per sq. Ft.
  • Water: $100 per month/6 months = $600
  • Mowing: 25 times/year = $600
  • Fertilizer: four times/year = $175
  • Sprinkler maintenance: $275
  • Aerating: once/year = $100
  • Weed killer: four times/year $200
  • Initial expenses: $1,000
  • Yearly expenses: $1,950

Cost of Artificial Lawn

  • Installation: $13 per sq. Ft.
  • Annual brushing and cleaning = under $50
  • Initial expenses: $6,500
  • Yearly expenses: Less than $50

Over 10 years, a natural lawn will cost a homeowner over $20,000. The cost of an artificial turf after the same amount of time, on the other hand, would be around $7,000. On average, a synthetic lawn will last 15 to 25 years. At the same time, you’ll spare yourself thousands of hours of yard work.

The Bottom Line

Artificial turf is an ideal way to lower your long-term lawn maintenance costs. You’ll have a more substantial initial investment but can start to save money after three to five years. SYNLawn is one of the most realistic and affordable synthetic materials with a natural look and a feel that’s suitable for many different applications.

To learn more about the cost of an artificial lawn, contact the experts at SYNlawn Dallas at 214-919-0767. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.