The Most Eco-Friendly Dallas Artificial Grass Installation

At SYNLawn Texas, amongst the many innovations we include in our products and the incredibly high safety standards we meet, one of our highest priorities is protecting our environment. SYNLawn is proud to manufacture Dallas artificial grass that gives back to our home and provides savings to our customers on both time and money.

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The Only Company to Offer USDA Certified Artificial Turf

In the saturated market of artificial turf, many competitors claim to offer the highest quality artificial grass that is beneficial to the environment. As a result, it can be difficult to stand out. SYNLawn is elated to be the first synthetic grass company to offer not only the first but the largest collection of USDA-certified products. SYNLawn is part of a USDA project to enhance bio-based product development, purchasing, and use. The synthetic grass market is bursting with possibilities, thanks to the rising demand for environmentally acceptable green building materials. SYNLawn Dallas artificial turf products that are highlighted with USDA certification offer up to 80% renewable content.

Thanks to the eco-friendly benefits of SYNLawn Dallas synthetic grass, our customers reap the benefit of all of the time and money that they save when making the switch to Dallas artificial turf for residential and commercial installations. In most cases, SYNLawn customers on average cut their water bill in half if not more from the moment their installation is complete. Our products do not require traditional maintenance to keep their life-like appearance and behaviors. As a result, you will no longer need to spend money on maintenance crews, or time on mowing the lawn, and instead, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, with the time you reclaim from traditional maintenance, you’ll have the freedom to reinvest it back into what matters most to you.

Our Partnership with US Soy Farmers

At SYNLawn, we work closely with US soy farmers to make each of our artificial turf products sustainable with the addition of our plant-based materials. With their help, we can locally source recyclable materials including soybean oil in our backing system and sugar cane in SYNLawn turf fibers. Working alongside them, also allows us to ensure quality control over the manufacturing process. In addition, our partnership allows us to open the door to new job opportunities across the United States, and here in Dallas, TX.

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EnviroLoc+™ is Sustainable Turf Technology

Part of what makes Dallas artificial grass eco-friendly is our exclusive EnviroLoc+ backing system. The EnviroLoc+ backing system is a multi-layered woven polyester and polyethylene system that acts as a security mechanism by ensuring long-lasting grass fibers and extending the life of the product. EnviroLoc+ conserves water throughout the year and provides excellent drainage, allowing Dallas artificial grass to be used practically immediately after coming into touch with fluids. EnviroLoc+ also assists us in eliminating significant volumes of petroleum from the production process by adding environmentally friendly resources such as sugar cane and soybean oil. EnviroLoc+™ is suited for clients who suffer from respiratory allergies since the Sanitized® coating included with it has features that prevent environmental allergens like algae and fungal development in the immediate region. This added layer of protection not only reduces allergies but also extends the life of the product. Thanks to Enviroloc+ protection combined with Sanitized®, SYNLawn delivers the cleanest and safest grass on the market.

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For more than 50 years, we have committed our time to our customers and provided them with the most environmentally sustainable products available on the market. With the help of our partners and our endless research and development, we can continue to innovate the market as well as find new ways to further our commitment to environmental sustainability. For more information on SYNLawn products and what makes us the top provider of eco-friendly Dallas artificial turf, contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

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