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SYNLawn Texas is the prime choice for artificial grass installations when it comes to your business or home. Our skill is unmatched when it comes to providing artificial turf solutions for all settings, including pet areas, decks, landscapes, lawns, playgrounds, and much more.


At SYNLawn Texas, we install and sell only the highest caliber artificial turf. We make everything we sell at our own private facility, giving us unprecedented control over the quality of our products. Because our products are of such excellent quality is why we are the main producer in the country of residential, commercial, and golf synthetic grass.


Besides being of superb quality, our artificial grass is also recyclable, luxuriant, and durable. SYNLawn Texas provides its expertise to the AustinDallasFriscoHighland ParkLubbockPark CitiesPlanoSan Antonio, and Southlake/Westlake, TX metro area, as well as the greater state of Texas as a whole.

Commercial Artificial Grass

At SYNLawn, we are the specialists people choose when it comes to artificial turf being installed in commercial settings. We have the products and services necessary to fulfill your needs. Furthermore, you can expect a return on your investment when we install your synthetic grass. This is because our grass puts an end to maintenance costs and water usage that’s associated with regular grass.

Pet Artificial Turf

When it comes to dogs and other pets, SYNLawn is the dominant manufacturer of pet grass in North America. With our unique technology, our synthetic pet turf is the most robust in the industry. For any pets you have, our artificial pet grass is so durable that it can handle them with ease.

Artificial Grass
Synthetic Lawns

Residential Synthetic Grass

At SYNLawn Texas, we remove the tedious work of constantly needing to water, mow, and tend to your grass. Our artificial grass not only looks incredible, but it also pays for itself due to it being so low maintenance.

Do It Yourself Artificial Turf

If you’re more of the DIY type, working with SYNLawn is the best decision you can make. We set you up with everything you need, from products that are easy to install, to resources educating you on what you’ll need to know.

Why You’ll Love Our Artificial Turf

Financial Savings

You will no longer need to be concerned with the upkeep costs of live grass draining money from your pockets. With our artificial grass, these inconveniences are eliminated, saving you thousands a year in cash.


You are helping the environment when you transition to synthetic grass. Depending on your lawn size, thousands or even tens-of-thousands of gallons of water per year can be saved. It is clear that this level of water preservation will positively impact the local environment.

Year-Round Activity

Because of modern upgrades, our synthetic turf resembles lush, green, healthy grass more than ever. Due to this, you’ll be able to partake in your favorite outdoor activities all year without being anxious of your grass overgrowing or becoming brown and weakened.

Summertime brings fun but also can bring dry and dangerous conditions.

Learn about SYNLawn Fire Safety Ratings.


Why SYNLawn Is #1 For Artificial Grass

Professional Athlete Endorsement

Tom Watson

Tom Watson shares his thoughts on his new synthetic putting green from SYNLawn artificial grass.


With our skill and know-how, we can fulfill any synthetic turf need you have.

Lifetime Warranty

Since we don’t outsource our manufacturing, design or installation services and handle it all in-house, we offer customers a lifetime warranty on any product.

Over 200,000 Successful Installations

Because of our successful installation experience and credentials, we can accomplish any project you may have.

We proudly serve all of Texas including but not limited to: