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The team from SYNLawn Texas addresses some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our artificial grass products and services in Dallas, TX. Learn more below:

What Is Artificial Grass Made Of?

Traditional synthetic turf is typically crafted from materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon, incorporating a backing system to anchor the turf fibers and prevent shedding. It can also include an infill of sand or rubber crumb.

Dallas artificial grass from SYNLawn Texas is pioneering the use of plant-based materials, such as sugar cane and soybean oil. Remarkably, even the backing system incorporates renewable soybeans. Further, we opt for Envirofill® acrylic sand infill instead of the conventional rubber crumb infill due to its eco-friendliness and added benefits.

Are There Any New Technologies in Artificial Grass Production?

Across the turf industry, companies continuously innovate with new technologies to enhance artificial turf and vie in a highly competitive market. SYNLawn has emerged as a leader due to over 50 years of dedicated research and development invested in our turf. Our exclusive technologies, including Super Yarn™, EnviroLoc+™, Super Drain+™, and others, result in superior durability, performance, and longevity.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Traditional artificial turf is typically engineered to have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 20 years or less. This is contingent upon the quality of materials, installation technologies, and the intensity of foot traffic it experiences.

SYNLawn Texas synthetic grass offers customers a lifetime of performance and durability with minimal maintenance requirements, supported by an unparalleled lifetime warranty on the turf and a 2-year workmanship warranty on the installation. Our team of expert installers works meticulously to precisely install your lawn or landscape to avoid seams, wrinkles, and other imperfections.

Where Can I Use Artificial Grass?

Competing brands have regularly used artificial grass for backyard and sports field installations.

Dallas synthetic turf from SYNLawn Texas breaks the boundaries of what is possible and offers incredible versatility. Our turf is perfect for a comprehensive list of applications, including lawns, landscapes, putting greens, playgrounds, athletic fields, bocce ball courts, rooftops, decks, patios, dog parks, apartment complexes, and so many more. Our artificial grass is perfect for virtually any size installation, indoors and out.

Dog playing on artificial grass from SYNLawn

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Children and Pets?

Artificial turf is generally considered safer for children and pets. It is soft to the touch and does not require fertilizers, harsh chemicals, or pesticides.

At SYNLawn Texas, we incorporate the Sanitized® antimicrobial, a highly efficient solution that eradicates up to 99% of bacteria. Moreover, our synthetic turf eliminates the need for pesticides and is free from harsh chemicals. SYNLawn is also the first to recognize the need for IPEMA-certified turf surfaces. It is also the first artificial turf that is manufactured PFAS-free.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

Synthetic grass tends to retain heat in the summer in warmer areas. Fortunately, there are technologies and innovations that can actively help combat heat absorption to keep you comfortable.

SYNLawn offers HeatBlock™ technology, which has been scientifically proven to help reduce surface temperatures by up to 20% when compared to other turf manufacturers. HeatBlock™ also provides a coating that creates a softer touch and less shimmer.

Does Artificial Grass Fade Over Time?

Color fading is very common with traditional turf options. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Texas, we offer UV-stabilized yarns that reflect sunlight and withstand fading throughout the year. Our DualChill™ technology also prevents infrared light from diminishing the vibrant green hue of your landscape.

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Synthetic grass stands out as an environmentally beneficial alternative to conventional turf, owing to its ability to reduce traditional care and lower resources. Watering is limited to washing off dirt with our Dallas artificial turf. It also considerably reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the need for gas-powered lawn equipment and manufactured PFAS-free. SYNLawn turf has even been used to help commercial green builders earn LEED credits.

A variety of sustainable synthetic turf choices are available in the current market, reflecting the increasing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives. In response, SYNLawn replaces 60 to 80 percent of petroleum-based components with soybeans and other plant-based materials. As a result, we proudly stand as the sole supplier in Dallas, TX, of USDA-certified synthetic turf, a glowing example of our commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

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How Much Water Does Artificial Grass Conserve?

Artificial turf removes the necessity for daily watering, proving to be highly efficient for water conservation, especially in regions experiencing severe drought conditions. Utilizing Dallas synthetic grass from SYNLawn Texas, the reliance on irrigation systems is eliminated, saving you from allocating nearly one-third of your average water consumption to lawn care. SYNLawn turf helps save our customers up to 70% on their water bills and conserves tens of thousands of gallons per lawn – depending on whether you own a residential or commercial property in Dallas, TX.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Playgrounds and Athletic Fields?

The most recent advancements in artificial grass technology provide playgrounds and athletic fields with a multitude of options. Dallas synthetic turf offers a high level of resistance to heavy foot traffic and adheres to stringent safety standards. At SYNLawn Texas, we independently test our turf to make sure it satisfies fall height attenuations while minimizing common injuries and muscle strain. We were the first to recognize the need for IPEMA-certified playgrounds and athletic turf, as safety is our highest priority

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