Artificial Grass For Pets in Dallas Texas

Here in Dallas, TX, many of us tend to treat our pets like they’re a part of the family. At SYNLawn Texas, we have the artificial pet and dog grass needed to make both you and your pet happy. The attachment to our pets can be so strong, it’s easy to see why we want the absolute best for them. So whether your dog is an enormous Tibetan Mastiff or a small Shih Tzu, we have the pet turf for you!

Considerations Choosing The Best Pet Grass

We take a wide array of things into consideration when helping you choose the best synthetic grass for you and your pet. We recognize that there are vast differences from person-to-person and pet-to-pet.

Here at SYNLawn in Dallas, Texas, we have customizable artificial grass solutions to suit the needs of all types of pets. If you want your synthetic lawn to have a certain style or color, we can accommodate you. No matter the type of dog you have, from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Scottish Deerhound, our synthetic pet grass will fit their needs with no issues


A list of just a few of the many things we take into consideration when helping you includes:

Personal product preferences

Time your dogs will be in the area

Size of dog run or landscape

Size of animal(s)

Maintenance options

Security measures for dogs

Perks Of SYNLawn’s Pet Turf

Always Have Beautiful Green Grass

You’ll never have to be concerned with your artificial grass becoming brown and full of dead patches. Our synthetic grass will always give off a luxurious and verdant aura.

Optimal Drainage

Unlike natural grass, which can tend to form puddles, our pet grass provides superior drainage. This means stagnant puddles of water won’t form in your yard for your dog to jump into and track mud and dirt throughout your house.

Control Odors

Controlling odor is easily achievable with our synthetic lawns due to them being composed of quick draining, antimicrobial material. Waste cleanup is also made simple with our pet turf.

Your Choice of a Wide Variety of Synthetic Turf Products

Creating your ideal landscape is easy given the extensive selection of sizes, styles, and colors we have for our artificial grass.

Pets and House Stay Cleaner

Becoming frantic over your dog dashing into the house with mud drenched paws will no longer be a concern. You won’t need to worry about needing to thoroughly wash your pet as often to clean out dirt and grass stains from their fur, as our pet and dog turf keeps everyone cleaner..

Added Security

Being anxious over your dog digging through your grass to get underneath the fence and run away will be a thing of the past. Due to the strength and durability of our pet turf, this won’t be possible.

Healthy Environment

Having allergies can be a royal pain! Luckily, SYNLawn’s artificial grass is not only allergen free, but also has anti-microbial options and is non-abrasive. This means a healthier environment for both you and your pet.

Controls Rodents and Other Pests

Being fearful of pests like ticks and fleas becoming established in your lawn won’t be an issue. Our pet turf eliminates the habitat that fleas and ticks need to survive, meaning both you and your pet are much less likely to deal with them.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SYNLawn Pet Premium

SYNLawn Pet Premium

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