Dallas Bocce Ball Court Installation

Take your backyard or commercial landscape to the next level with a Dallas Bocce ball court from SYNLawn. Enjoy the ultra-realism of SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass combined with our low-maintenance design and exclusive technologies. You will never want to play a game of bocce ball on any other surface! Designed to be the optimal surface for bocce ball courts, with an accurate ball roll, natural bounce, superior drainage, and minimal upkeep. It is the ideal option for all ages and skill levels thanks to its outstanding stability and visual appeal.

SYNPro Bocce is SYNLawn’s exclusive court system for bocce enthusiasts. Designed with a concrete base over aggregate, that provides consistent textures without sacrificing performance. In addition, with its one-degree pitch, your Dallas bocce court system will be available for use even after rainfall. Furthermore, our revolutionary Dallas artificial turf is spot glued utilizing approved commercial adhesives and offers a wide selection of bumper boards.

SYNPro Bocce is perfect for bocce ball, golf, and playground installations as it offers IPEMA certification to protect against common injuries and abrasions as well as protect from falls of up to 10 feet and offers superior durability and performance.

Benefits include:

  • Consistent ball roll with minimal bounce
  • Dust-free with no watering required
  • Excellent drainage
  • Near immediate use after rain
  • Can be shoveled after snow
  • ADA compliant
  • IPEMA certified
Artificial grass Bocce court in an R V park
R Vs parked next to artificial grass Bocce court

SYNPro Bocce

In comparison to traditional playing grounds, SYNPro Bocce artificial grass used in our Dallas bocce ball court systems offers a noticeable performance advantage over sand, crushed stone, and oyster shells. SYNPro Bocce is backed by our unmatched limited lifetime warranty, is designed with our cutting-edge technologies, and is made with highly durable and fade resistant turf fibers designed to maintain their upright posture for years to come. All throughout the year, your Dallas bocce court will remain luxurious and vibrant and become your new favorite place to hang out with friends and family.

Exclusive Technologies Help Enhance Your Game

SYNLawn is known for its exclusive turf technologies. For more than 50 years, our research and development team have allowed us to innovate the market in game-changing ways that help us maintain our reputation as the leader of Dallas artificial turf.

HeatBlock™ Technology

HeatBlock makes year-long comfort possible. During the summer, as well as in hotter climates, maintaining comfort and the appearance of your bocce ball court can be twice as difficult. SYNLawn’s exclusive HeatBlock technology is scientifically proven to keep surface temperatures up to 20% cooler than competitor brands. Additionally, Dallas artificial grass with HeatBlock provides less shimmer to enhance realism and softer surfaces for comfort.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant Based Backing System

At SYNLawn, we are dedicated to manufacturing products that promote environmental sustainability. EnviroLoc+ is our very own plant-based, recyclable backing system made from sugar cane and soybean oil. This backing system locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding and increase the longevity of our products. EnviroLoc+ prevents the turf from shifting on impact so that you can enjoy the most authentic bocce experience without the need for frequent maintenance. Bocce surfaces are easy to include in a number of designs, such as multifamily developments, independent and senior living facilities, and many others.

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SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass is designed to make landscape care easier and enhance your activities. Our clients save endless amounts of time and money when they switch to our products, and on average save anywhere from 50-70% on their water bills. We work closely with landscape designers, architects, general contractors, construction workers, and more to manufacture the safest, cleanest, and greenest environments all across Texas. When you choose SYNLawn, you not only receive the top-of-the-line Dallas artificial grass, but you receive the ultimate in customer service and precision installations. For more information about all of our services and products, contact SYNLawn Texas today to schedule a free consultation!

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