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If you live in Dallas, TX and don’t feel like traveling all the way to a golf course or spending time maintaining a live golf green in your own backyard, then artificial putting greens can be an amazing solution. Essentially, if you love golf and want golf grass that looks and feels like a real putting green and is a breeze to maintain, then our artificial golf grass is for you.


While regular grass putting greens in your backyard can require substantial maintenance, that isn’t the case at all with our artificial golf grass.

Because our golf grass is built to be durable and strong, it doesn’t need to be constantly maintained, watered, mowed and fertilized. In fact, it needs none of those things, which saves you both time and money.

Regarding our residential putting greens, we create them to exactly your specifications as they are fully customizable to suit your needs. So if you wish to have certain slopes or undulations or colors, we can design that for you. By listening to your needs and working closely with you, we can create your very own backyard putting green paradise that you can conveniently enjoy all year round.


Our artificial putting greens are especially useful for commercial purposes. For golf courses, our putting green turf and synthetic golf greens match what the professionals play on. This means that your players experience a consistent feel throughout the entirety of practice and play. Also, because our golf turf drains water fast, golf courses and putting greens will be able to be used quickly even after heavy rain.

For our commercial putting greens, we custom design, build and install very well planned and thought out challenges, hazards and slopes to keep each round of golf interesting and complex. Further, the robustness of our commercial putting greens is noteworthy, as holes and divots won’t be created, which can be an eyesore and even a trip hazard.

Residential putting green installed by SYNLawn


No matter whether you live directly in Dallas, TX, or the surrounding area, there are a wide variety of benefits to be had by getting your artificial golf greens installed by SYNLawn Texas. Some of our benefits that you’ll be pleased with include the following:

  • Made In The USA
  • Recyclable And Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Maintenance
  • Custom Design With A Beautiful Aesthetic
  • Pet & Child Friendly


You’ll be pleased to know that our artificial golf green products are all American made. So when doing business with us, you can feel good about supporting businesses and workers right here in the USA.


A major benefit of our synthetic golf greens is that they are fully recyclable. So if you do have to replace them after a very long time (our golf grass lasts many years), you will know that they aren’t harming the environment by being thrown into a landfill.

Additionally, unlike regular grass, our synthetic golf greens never need to be treated with chemicals such as fertilizer or weed killer. This means that not only will you and other users of your golf greens be less exposed to chemicals, but the local environment will also be less exposed.


Golf Magazine notes that low maintenance is one of the top benefits of artificial turf because it is almost non-existent. Unlike real grass, you never have to mow it, water it, fertilize it, treat it with chemicals, seed it, pull out weeds, etc.

Furthermore, given the strength of our synthetic golf greens, they won’t lose their texture over time and become misshapen. Holes and other unsightly marks on the golf greens won’t appear from things like missed golf swings, animals, it being walked on repeatedly, and more. Pretty much, no matter how much the golf greens are used or what weather they are subjected to, they will look and stay the same for a very long period of time.


Perhaps the best thing about our artificial golf grass is how real it both appears and feels. Our golf greens feel just like real grass.

On top of how real our synthetic golf greens look and feel, they are fully customizable according to your specifications. From having particular slopes to certain colors, we can make it all a reality for you.

For example, if you have a specific green that you want to conquer, you can replicate that at home, right down to the specifics of the grass length and direction. You can add hills or even a water hazard.

Whether you want a residential or commercial putting green, our team of experts can help you design, create and install the perfect artificial grass golf green for your space no matter the size, location or hardscape challenges you have.


Yet another major positive feature of our synthetic golf greens is how safe and comfortable it is for pets and children. Our golf grass is built to withstand being trampled by the children and family pets. Because of its robustness, it resists all of those forces while maintaining its shape and original look. This can also improve safety of anyone on the synthetic grass. Also, due to the golf grass being synthetic, it isn’t a place that bugs like ticks and fleas like to be, which are things that no one wants to come across while they are trying to have fun.


At SYNLawn Dallas, we’ve been involved in the artificial turf business for over forty-five years. Not only are we experts at what we do, but we are very familiar with the ins and outs of the Dallas, Texas area given that we’ve been servicing it for so long. When you buy from us, the highest quality synthetic turf or putting greens are guaranteed.


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From being low maintenance, to saving you time and money, to being eco-friendly, going with our artificial golf greens comes with many benefits as we mentioned earlier. If you are ready to get started on your very own putting greens or golf green for your home or office, you can get started by contacting us for a free consultation on our website today. Or if you have a playgroundrooftopsports surface turf, or residential artificial grass lawn project you want to discuss, we can help you design, build and install any artificial lawn or synthetic turf necessary for your indoor or outdoor space.