Dallas Artificial Grass for School Landscapes and Playgrounds

In recent years, Dallas artificial turf has become increasingly popular as an option for schools to increase child safety and accessibility while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic in high-traffic areas. SYNLawn products provide the highest quality products, the latest advancements in technology, and utilize eco-friendly materials making them the safest and cleanest for our children to enjoy. SYNLawn can help you transform your next commercial school project with ultra-realistic, low-maintenance artificial grass that keeps your landscaping looking beautiful all year long.

Playground with blue artificial playground turf

Exclusive Turf Technologies from SYNLawn® Enhance School Playground Safety

When installing artificial turf for playgrounds and school landscapes, it is important to ensure a few things. Safety, performance, and appearance. Fortunately for SYNLawn, it is easy for us to accomplish these requirements with the help of our exclusive technologies. Technologies that are the result of more than 50 years of research and development.

Super Yarn™ Technology

Super Yarn is our first of its kind yarn formula that is designed by combining three of the most unique components available on the market today. First, is a highly successful antimicrobial by Sanitized® that eliminates pet stains, odors, and 99% of bacteria. Following, is DualChill IR reflective technology that reflects infrared light to prevent the accumulation of heat and prevent colors from fading and finally, is a silver-based anti-static called StatBlock. Super Yarn keeps our children safe from bacteria that cause infections such as staph and helps them avoid static shock while enjoying the fresh appearance of a beautiful landscape while they play with friends.

playground with artificial turf and a multi colored jungle gym
Artificial playground turf with bars curving out of the ground

EnviroLoc+™ Soy-Based Turf Backing

EnviroLoc+ is our very own turf security system. This two-part polypropylene and polyester woven backing system made with soybean oil is an eco-friendly component that locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding. Our relationship with US soy farmers allows us to provide EnviroLoc+ and a wide range of other goods. We utilize locally sourced ingredients like soybean oil and sugar cane to make recyclable items that conserve water, reduce carbon emissions, and have a lower landfill effect.

HeatBlock™ Technology

The surface difference you can feel is provided by HeatBlock. Traditional grass tends to retain heat; however, with SYNLawn Dallas synthetic grass, Dallas students can even walk around barefoot without fear of burning their feet. HeatBlock serves as a thermal barrier to significantly lower surface temperatures by up to 20% when the sun's rays reach the surface of the grass. SYNLawn artificial turf with HeatBlock offers a softer, less abrasive finish to each grass blade.

Artificial grass playground with orange jungle gym

Unmatched Safety Standards Found Within SYNLawn® Texas Synthetic Turf

At SYNLawn, we understand that when it comes to designing landscapes that will be utilized by children, safety is an absolute must. No other competitor in our industry can meet our standards when it comes to protecting our children. When you choose SYNLawn for your school installations, you receive products that are both IPEMA and ADA compliant. This means that our children are protected from common injuries and abrasions that can be found on playgrounds and can cushion falls up to 10-feet. In addition, Dallas artificial grass is wheelchair accessible so that everyone can be included in the fun!

Furthermore, while we always hope for the best, accidental fires, can happen at any time. We are proud to offer products that are ASTM E108 Class A fire rated. One of the most coveted fire safety certifications.

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