The Exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology from SYNLawn®

SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass with HeatBlock technology is scientifically proven to combat heat absorption and is changing the way turf surfaces are manufactured. With this cutting-edge technology, surface temperatures are decreased, the sheen on the grass fibers is reduced for a more realistic appearance, and thermal emissivity is minimized for a longer lasting turf installation.

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SYNLawn works hard to make landscapes more delightful by eliminating the need for regular maintenance and adding several exclusive benefits to your landscape. Even something as simple as walking across the backyard can be ruined by hot surfaces. Make this a thing of the past by adding the industries highest quality and most technologically advanced artificial grass to your landscape.

HeatBlock technology combats heat emissivity even if your landscape is constantly under the sun. The hues of these grass blades reflect more infrared light, preventing them from fading and absorbing heat, keeping them cooler during the midday sun.

The Difference You Can See and Feel

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In physics, emissivity refers to the degree to which a material emits heat. When it is hot outdoors, synthetic grass absorbs and radiates heat, often making it unpleasant to touch, let alone lay down on. HeatBlock technology in SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass reduces this thermal emissivity in the most efficient way to make surfaces more comfortable to the touch.

In warmer climates, it can be very difficult to enjoy your landscape without feeling uncomfortable from the heat. Much like dark fabrics, or clothes, grass absorbs heat and stores it until the heat breaks, and it can cool down again. With HeatBlock SYNLawn can significantly reduce surface temperatures to ensure that Dallas artificial grass is usable all year long.

In addition, SYNLawn products offer the strongest warranty against reflective light. Reflective light not only causes grass to heat up but can also ruin its natural beauty. Dallas synthetic grass offers natural looking plant-based fibers made from sugar cane and pure color pigments that will not lose their ultra-realistic appearance. Other grass alternatives are not built to handle the long-term exposure to the sun and as a result, consumers see their landscape melt and fade and have to pay to repair their sometimes-brand-new lawn. Never settle for affordability over quality when you can have both with SYNLawn products.

Pets and Children Stay Safe with our Dallas Artificial Turf

SYNLawn artificial grass in Dallas, TX has an incredible list of benefits, but something that we take very seriously aside from keeping the environment safe, is keeping our customers safe. HeatBlock does its part to increase safety for children and pets. Our little ones love to kick off their socks and shoes in the house as it is, and with HeatBlock they can do the same outside without burning their feet, and you can feel comfortable knowing that your lawn, dog park, or pet run will not burn your furry friend's paws.

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