How Long Does Artificial Grass Last in Dallas, TX?

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Artificial grass in Dallas continues to grow in popularity, but there are still many of us that have questions and concerns regarding its longevity. So how long does artificial grass last in Dallas? As a result of our low-maintenance and highly durable design and recyclable materials, SYNLawn synthetic grass is capable of lasting for more than 20 years after being installed. Not only does SYNLawn Texas offer ultra-realistic grass alternatives that can withstand any climate, heavy foot traffic, and athletic training, but our installations have proven to save customers a substantial amount of time and money on water bills, lawn maintenance and equipment and more.

SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass fibers resist fading under direct sunlight thanks to our DualChill IR reflective technology. Our resilient, Omega-shaped blades enhance installation integrity by keeping fibers vertical even after continuous foot traffic. Even the most active pups that love to dig won’t be able to destroy SYNLawn turf, thanks to our incredibly tough EnviroLoc backing. Additionally, we offer a huge collection of ASTM Class A fire rated synthetic grass products that are proven to slow and prevent the spread of fires.

Part of what makes Dallas artificial grass from SYNLawn superior to competing brands is the renewable materials that we manufacture our synthetic grass with. We replace a substantial amount of petroleum found within our turf with renewable materials from soybeans as well as create long lasting turf fibers derived from sugar cane. As a result, SYNLawn has become the first artificial grass company in Dallas to offer plant based artificial turf as well as offer synthetic grass solutions certified by the USDA for their biobased composition. Many commercial green builders and specifiers choose SYNLawn Texas for their artificial grass installation in Dallas because we are able to provide commercial projects with LEED® points.

Another game-changing component that plays a substantial role in the superior life cycle of SYNLawn Dallas artificial turf is our EnviroLoc backing system. EnviroLoc is a two-part woven backing system made from soybean oil, manufactured to prevent turf fibers from shedding by locking in turf blades.

  • Features a tough, 2-part woven backing for enhanced installation durability
  • Anchored-in turf blades to significantly reduce fiber loss
  • Unmatched drainage capabilities keep surfaces usable after heavy rainfall
  • The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn artificial grass in Dallas significantly reduces carbon emissions from lawn care tools and saves hundreds of thousand of gallons of water

Additionally, the new EnviroLoc+ features a coating of the highly effective Sanitized® antimicrobial. Sanitized® actively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and helps to prevent algae and fungal growth. For pet-friendly turf installations, Sanitized® helps to break down stain and odor causing bacteria from pet waste that can degrade turf fibers as well as reduce allergens caused by algae and fungi.

SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass is a wonderful way to increase the aesthetic of your property, as well as its value. With a long-lasting synthetic grass installation from SYNLawn, both residential and commercial properties can reap the many benefits found with our turf. Enjoy the most realistic synthetic grass with cooler surface temperatures, mud-free lawn spaces with unmatched drainage capabilities, time and money saved on maintenance and water bills and more!

Artificial grass works well in any location and is a less expensive option for consumers in hotter climates who want to save money on water. Too much direct sunlight may shorten the longevity of low-quality artificial grass installations; however, SYNLawn offers a synthetic grass option backed by the strongest warranty against reflective light. Rooftop and lawn spaces with direct exposure to windows and light-reflecting surfaces can be protected for years to come!

SYNLawn products are perfect for a wide variety of applications including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens and golf courses, rooftops, decks, and many more. If you are someone that owns multiple properties, you will never have to be concerned with making rounds to ensure that your properties landscapes are looking their best. An occasional leaf blower or small rinse with a hose and your landscape will continue to look its best!

SYNLawn is a customer drive company that is dedicated to providing landscaping solutions that give back to the environment and provide residential and commercial properties with the highest quality artificial lawn solutions. From long-term installations to water conservation and advanced turf technologies, SYNLawn offers turf solutions that accommodate any landscape goal. The possibilities for artificial turf are truly endless and with the help of our partnership with US soy farmers, we can continue to explore new opportunities to create long-lasting and eco-friendly landscapes. When you begin the design process of your next project consider the long-lasting capabilities of SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass.

For more information about our Dallas artificial grass installation services and products, contact us today and schedule a free consultation!