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The Dallas Zoo

Products Used: SYNTipede 343

Square Footage: 4000 sq ft.

Earlier this year, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo at The Dallas Zoo underwent an incredible new renovation with the help of SYNLawn® artificial grass. The Zoo’s unused dirt sections were rejuvenated with beautiful Dallas artificial grass, which can be found throughout the facility.

SYNLawn® SYNTipede 343 was the ideal solution for this because of its extreme durability under heavy foot traffic in high activity areas. This grass solution is in a league of its own when it comes to dependability and performance.

With thousands of visitors each day, it’s no surprise that The Dallas Zoo chose this incredibly high-quality product, designed to endure the heaviest foot traffic with ease. In addition, SYNTipede 343 is one of our USDA certified products.

This product has more than 70% bio-based material and serves as a fantastic illustration of our dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

This was another major factor in its selection as The Dallas Zoo wanted a product the reenforces their sustainability efforts as well. SYNLawn® Dallas Artificial Grass and Installations was pleased to collaborate on this project and assist in the installation of 4,000 square feet of SYNTipede 343 required for this application.


Our unrivaled realism, precision installation services, and exclusive turf technologies and features are what set SYNLawn® artificial grass apart from competing turf brands.

Over 50 years of research and development have resulted in the introduction of several one-of-a-kind innovations. In particular, SYNLawn® Super Yarn™ technology is the market’s first fifth-generation artificial grass formula. This ground-breaking turf technology combines three distinct properties to grass fibers at the molecular level, making it impossible to remove any one of them.

  • Sanitized® Antimicrobial – eliminates pet odors and up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria from grass surfaces while preventing the growth of bacteria and mold
  • DualChill™ IR Reflective Technology – significantly reduces surface temperatures and guards against fading in direct sunlight
  • StatBlock™ – Carbon-based anti-static enhancement that prevents static electricity accumulation on the grass surface to provide more enjoyable and comfortable surfaces’

Our ultra-realistic Dallas artificial grass is made in the USA with the help of our local soybean farmers. SYNLawn® is extraordinarily proud of its dedication to manufacturing products that are environmentally sustainable.

With the utilization of materials such as sugar cane and soybean oi, it is a substantial help towards removing many of the petroleum-based polymers that are typically found in artificial turf.

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EnviroLoc™ is our patented artificial grass backing technology developed to provide enhanced strength while utilizing renewable materials that are safer for the environment than traditional backing system components. This backing system replaces a large portion of petroleum-based components with bio-based polymers derived from soybean oil.

It is a multi-layered woven fabric that secures grass fibers in place to prevent shedding and tearing. It also prevents pets from digging through the turf. In addition, the porous body of EnviroLoc™ facilitates highly efficient drainage, allowing it to be used nearly immediately after being exposed to water.

No more flooded or muddy lawn areas. With a highly resilient backing system made from recyclable materials, SYNLawn® artificial grass is able to be recycled which extends the life of turf as well as reduce the impact on local landfills.

One of SYNLawn®’s highest priorities at every installation is ensuring that our products meet the highest safety standards. With this in mind, The Dallas Zoo knew SYNTipede 343 was the right choice to bring this project to fruition.

SYNTipede 343 has been fire tested to guarantee that it is safe for use in any setting and complies with ASTM E108 Class A fire regulations. This greatly extends the time required for first responders to arrive and extinguish the fire, therefore minimizing injury and reducing property damage.

Additionally, this IPEMA-certified artificial grass system is suitable for children and adults of all ages to use for activities, athletics, and provides additional safety against unforeseen mishaps that may occur during use.

This accreditation indicates that our synthetic turf is intended to protect against common injuries and abrasions as well as provide safety from falls of up to ten feet.

At SYNLawn® Texas, we collaborate with local landscapers, landscape architects, construction firms, architectural firms, roof contractors, school districts and many more, to create safe, clean, and durable environments for the long term. Our mission is to provide our customers with expert customer service and around-the-clock diligence, to create dream landscapes that will look great and perform for many years to come.

Whether you are designing a residential landscape, commercial property landscape, golf course, Dallas playground installation, or dog run, SYNLawn® Texas has the perfect addition for you. For more information, contact SYNLawn® Texas today to schedule a free consultation!