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Artificial grass pool area installed by SYNLawn

In Denton, TX, artificial grass from SYNLawn Texas allows you to save time and money on lawn care without sacrificing the lush, green lawn of your dreams. Even better, one of the best options we have to help ease the worsening drought conditions in the United States is our plant-based artificial turf in Denton, TX. Did you know up to 70% of a homeowner’s water use can be attributed to irrigation for their landscape? By switching to Denton, TX, artificial turf by SYNLawn Texas, you can conserve thousands of gallons of water annually and considerably lower your carbon footprint by eliminating mowers or other lawn care tools. For more than 20 years, we have led the local artificial grass industry with our exclusive technology, plant-based materials, and precision installations.

Features of SYNLawn Artificial Grass

At SYNLawn Texas, our incredible synthetic grass has several unique features, including the following:

  • Super Yarn™ antimicrobial yarn combines antimicrobial by Sanitized®, DualChill™, and StatBlock™ technology
  • Sanitized antimicrobial helps to eliminate and prevent mold, mildew, fungal, and algae growth from the surface – also helps to reduce and prevent stains and odors
  • DualChill IR reflective technology reflects infrared light to prevent turf fading and improve the durability and lifespan of every installation
  • StatBlock helps to prevent the transfer of static electricity from metal fixtures such as playground equipment to provide more comfortable lawn spaces
  • HeatBlock technology is our scientifically proven heat-reducing technology – it is shown to provide up to 20% cooler surface temperatures than any other turf in the industry
  • SYNLawn is the ONLY plant-based artificial grass in the industry – made from recyclable materials derived from sugar cane and soybean oil
  • Made with a soy-based backing system called the EnviroLoc™ backing system designed to lock-in turf fibers, prevent pets from digging through the turf, and prevent lawn shifting
  • Super Drain+ allows for liquids to drain at a rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour
  • Odor-controlling top-dressing by Envirofill® is added to pet-friendly installations to reduce odors caused by ammonia in pet waste
  • Undergoes fire testing to ensure fire safety – we offer a huge variety of ASTM Class A fire-rated turf options
  • Safer for children
  • Pet-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured PFAs-free
  • Unmatched lifetime warranty
Backyard artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn
Commercial artificial grass rooftop from SYNLawn

Commercial Installation of Denton Artificial Turf

SYNLawn Texas offers artificial grass for a wide range of uses for businesses across Denton, TX, and surrounding cities. We have years of expertise working on projects for local retail stores, dining establishments, fitness and agility centers, miniature golf courses, dog parks, schools, rooftops, lawns, and more. With our proprietary Super Yarn technology and EnviroLoc+ backing system, we can offer commercial synthetic turf that is both antibacterial and exceptionally durable for high-foot activity. SYNLawn is the perfect option for both public playgrounds and business landscapes because of these two technical advancements. Business owners recognize that creating a spectacular first impression is essential to creating long-lasting, favorable impressions. However, many business owners rarely have the time to maintain their landscapes. This is one of the many reasons why they choose SYNLawn!

Denton, TX Putting Greens and Golf Turf Installation

Thanks to our PGA-caliber putting surfaces, SYNLawn Texas has emerged as the leading option for Denton artificial golf green installation for individuals who are serious about improving their game. By utilizing our exclusive Super Yarn technology and the EnviroLoc+ backing system, we can recreate the performance and durability of conventional golf greens. To make this possible, we collaborated with professional and internationally famous golf instructor Dave Pelz. Golfers of all ages and ability levels can hone their abilities with our Denton putting green grass thanks to the realistic putt, genuine ball roll, and ball energy displacement to naturally slow down your ball. Any Denton, TX, golf green installation can be used both indoors and outdoors and can fit any terrain.

Backyard putting green installed by SYNLawn
Backyard artificial pet turf from SYNLawn

Pet Turf and Fake Grass for Dogs

SYNLawn offers pet-friendly lawn solutions, unlike any other company in our industry. Our odor- and stain-resistant Denton, TX, artificial pet grass is ideal for commercial or residential uses, indoor or outdoor dog runs, dog parks, kennels, doggy daycare centers, and other pet-friendly environments. Your Denton pet turf installation will remain in shape for years to come, regardless of the degree of activity or weather conditions. Advantages of our pet turf include:

  • Stain & odor resistant surface fibers
  • Significantly cooler surface temperatures on hot summer days
  • Protection from diseases, fleas, ticks, & other pests
  • Extremely resilient grass fibers that maintain grass realism
  • Optimal drainage prevents muddy paws and odors from pet waste
  • Locked-in turf fibers that prevent pets from tearing through it
  • Envirofill® antimicrobial prevents odors from pet waste & bacteria

Playground Turf for Backyard and School Installation

Our Denton playground turf, like our other synthetic turf systems, is ADA-compliant, IPEMA certified, and ASTM Class A fire rated, helping to ensure long-term reliability, fire safety, and accessibility. Our artificial playground grass is wheelchair accessible since it does not move on impact. As one of the few lawn companies that offers an extensive assortment of ASTM Class A fire-rated products, we can take safety a step further by offering solutions that inhibit the spread of fire. Furthermore, parents will love that their children can avoid mud, grass stains, or filthy clothes by offering a cleaner surface with improved drainage. Finally, to improve safety and injury prevention, we can place Fall Pad® shock-absorbent cushioning beneath swing sets, jungle gyms, swings, and more!

Artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

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