Why is Artificial Turf Better for Your Dallas Playground?

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As kids return to a new school year, they are also returning to the school’s playground.

Recess, lunch, PE classes, and before and after school time puts kids on the playground a surprising amount of time. At many schools, all grades and ages share the same playground space. With all of the changes people have seen in the world over the past year, the health and safety of schools and even the playgrounds is gaining in importance. 

One way to ensure a safer environment on the playground is to install artificial turf. It can protect students from injuries they may sustain during play, but also from germs that could be present at any time of the year. Here is why artificial turf for playgrounds may be a good fit for your school, no matter the age of the students.

Why Artificial Turf is Safer for Dallas School Playgrounds

Safer playgrounds are increasingly important for schools. To optimize safety, many Central Texas schools have already made the switch to artificial turf on the playground. There are many reasons why artificial turf is safer for playgrounds than grass or mulch or rubber chips. It comes down to not just the products used on the surface, but also underneath. Proper installation can further ensure the safety of the playground environment. 

Safety From Trips and Falls

SYNLawn Playground Systems artificial turf and padding provides a soft place to land if kids fall or jump off the playground equipment. It’s a consistent surface, unlike mulch or sand, where each individual grain or piece can move and shift under kids as they play. Artificial turf will not give way under a kid as they land on the turf or run across the surface. 

Withstands All Weather Conditions

Artificial turf also doesn’t absorb heat the same way rubber surfaces do in the summer. Also, when it rains, artificial turf has drainage in place to ensure standing water isn’t an issue. In colder weather, it won’t become hard or stiff, like some surfaces do, compromising the safety and protection factors. Overall, artificial turf is a better turf for playground safety in all weather conditions that we get here in Dallas, bringing a higher level of protection that other surfaces provide. 

Easy Cleaning

Artificial turf is also easier to keep clean. When the turf appears dirty or dingy or has visible stains, rinsing and cleaning can be a piece of cake. Simply using a hose to remove debris from the surface. If more is needed, maintenance staff can use a household cleaner and scrub brush to clean and sanitize the surface of the turf. 

Antimicrobial Properties

SYNLawn Playground Systems includes antimicrobial infill, protecting kids from harmful germs. The infill not only eliminates odors, but it also works to prevent the buildup of microbes on the turf. Because of this, artificial turf for playgrounds can provide the safest possible place for kids to run and play on their breaks from learning.

Artificial Turf Options for Playgrounds

Artificial turf on a playground provides a safe, consistent surface for kids to run, play, jump, and even fall on. When it comes to artificial turf options for school playgrounds, it turns out that not all turf is created equal. 

SYNLawn Playground Systems have three key components that set them apart from other artificial turfs. These components help to make the turf the safest and cleanest possible for kids to play on:

  1. Fall Pad® Underlayment System 
  2. SYNLawn Artificial Grass with EnviroLoc ® and HeatBlock ® Technologies 
  3. Envirofill® Antimicrobial Infill

When selecting turf, experts can help you take into consideration a few key elements for playground artificial turf. These may affect what turf or padding is selected, as well as how the artificial turf is installed at the playground. These elements include: 

  • The height of the playground equipment 
  • The areas of high use 
  • HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements 
  • Preference for grass products 
  • Foam padding protection

If you are interested in exploring your options to create a safer, healthier, cleaner environment on your school’s playground, experts can help you understand each of the three components in the SYNLawn Playground Systems. Professionals at SYNLawn Dallas have helped many school administrations in Central Texas create the safest playgrounds without disrupting the current slides and monkey bars. To explore how you can have a safe and clean playground for students to enjoy, fill out the contact form to connect with SYNLawn Dallas experts.