6 Artificial Turf Maintenance Tools to Add to Your Collection

Even though artificial turf involves less maintenance, that doesn’t mean care goes away completely. There are still some steps that are necessary to ensure the turf lasts a long time and continues to look great. Here are six artificial turf maintenance tools and products that you’ll need to keep your turf looking and feeling new for up to 20 years! 


6 Artificial Turf Maintenance Tools

Artificial turf can be a blessing to the weekly chore list, and it’s relatively simple to care for, given it’s professionally installed. You don’t need a lot of tools or time to have a great looking artificial lawn. After the initial costs associated with purchasing and installing the turf, you can enjoy years of lower prices and far less effort. 

Most home and business owners already have many of the tools needed for artificial turf maintenance around the house. In terms of everyday cleaning and maintenance, you don’t need to do much. Rinse off dust and debris from time to time, and clean up any liquid or solid spills or stains when you notice them. Here are some items you may want to have on hand for caring for your artificial turf:


1. Water hose for rinsing off your turf.

2. Mild household detergent for cleaning spills or pet waste.

3. Sponge mop, for mopping up those spills.

4. Spatula, for scraping off dried-on spills and debris.

5. Paper towels or microfiber cloths, for sopping up any standing liquid on the surface of your turf or picking up any debris.

6. Brush with synthetic bristles for brushing heavily trafficked areas and fluffing up the turf as needed.


In addition to these best tools for turf installation and maintenance, you may want a few other artificial turf maintenance tools to make quick repairs of edges or deep cleaning or stain removal needs. Some of these come in during the installation phase, like seaming glue and landscape stakes. Others, like sprinkler caps or turf rakes, can be helpful even after the lawn is installed.

A man using a brush with synthetic bristles to clean his artificial grass.

Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

With all the supplies at the ready, cleaning your turf is a no-brainer. Here are simple instructions for the care and maintenance of your artificial turf. 


Cleaning Artificial Turf

The quickest way to clean your turf is to use the hose to rinse it off. If there are larger pieces of debris, such as pet waste, pick it up and remove it. You can also use a sponge mop to mop up liquid spills from the surface, using a little household detergent as needed.


Removing Stains from Turf

Stains may come from food or drink, pets, or natural occurrences like mud. Depending on the type of stain, you should be able to remove them with a spray of the hose or a simple household detergent-water mixture. Use an ammonia-water combination for more tricky stains. Those who are particularly concerned about the integrity of the environment may want to find their favorite biodegradable soap. You can find a list here


Brushing Artificial Turf for Aesthetic Purposes

The final step in maintaining your artificial turf is brushing it occasionally with your synthetic bristle brush. The turf can be beaten down, especially in high traffic areas, where people are walking or playing a lot. By brushing the turf, you can restore the aesthetics of the grass and keep it looking fluffy and full longer.


Finding Products for Artificial Turf Maintenance

The products you need to maintain your artificial turf can be found online, at garden centers, and through artificial turf specialists like SYNLawn Dallas. 

Dallas area business owners and homeowners turn to artificial turf to reduce costs and time associated with care and maintenance. The artificial turf maintenance tools may be ones you have around the house and can be done on your own or with professional help to give you more leisure time. Contact synthetic lawn experts at SYNLawn Dallas to discuss your best options for turf installation and maintenance by filling out the contact form to ask your questions. 

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