3 Locations That Can Benefit From Artificial Turf

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When considering an outdoor renovation at home, at work, or for a public space, most cost- and aesthetics-conscious consumers turn to artificial turf. Artificial turf is easy to care for and can help save money. Homeowners, business owners, and municipalities looking for a safe alternative that doesn’t require weekly care hours can install artificial turf in these seven locations. 

Where to Install Artificial Turf

Artificial turf can take center stage or more of a support role at home, at work, or even in public spaces like parks, municipal buildings, and walking paths. Get some inspiration from these places that can benefit from an artificial turf installation. 


Artificial turf in the front yard appeals to busy families looking to save money and effort. Artificial turf installed in the backyard gives kids and pets a green space to run and play. It’s also easier to clean up and maintain than natural grass lawns. Animal lovers find their work diminished with a pet-specific area, like a dog run in the side yard

Another way to jazz up a back yard is with a private artificial turf golfing and putting green. Even if you don’t dream of becoming a pro golfer, the putting green at home can help you practice your game to impress friends or clients at your next round. It can even just be a fun way for the family to play a little mini-golf without going anywhere.


If you are a business owner, artificial turf at work reduces costs and creates a pleasant space for employees and customers. Turf can improve your business’s overall look and its feel, too, because it always looks great with minimal care and effort. 

Artificial turf for your business out front creates a green, welcoming space as employees and customers arrive. Turf can be used on a patio or courtyard area as a small lawn to give people a place to sit and relax. Some businesses even use an artificial turf display area to showcase products.   

If you have access to a rooftop at your corporate complex or office building, artificial turf on rooftops creates a relaxing and enjoyable employee break area. Managers give employees a lovely escape without the need for abundant extra work. 

Have you heard of the green wall or vertical garden? They have become very popular!  Vertical green space can be installed indoors or outdoors at your place of work to bring a little more color and life to space (even though the plants aren’t actually living.) Artificial living walls are easy to set up and don’t require time to water and maintain like traditional living walls. Most artificial walls consist of some turf with an arrangement of more lush artificial plants in front. These custom designs approach a very natural look. 

Public Spaces

Municipalities and schools can also use artificial turf in surprising ways. The upfront costs to the city or school district are often made up quickly with lower water, seed and fertilizer, and maintenance employee costs. The time and cost saved on caring for grass can be redirected to other important grounds’ projects. 

For schools or cities looking for safe play options, playground turf can protect kiddos from injuries and falls while looking great. There are many turf options for playgrounds that can reduce the need for sand, wood chips, or other older-style playground materials. 

Sports complexes can also use artificial turf inside or outside as a safe space for professional and recreational athletes to train and play. Turf options for sports can include softer padding to help reduce injuries from falls and concussions. 

soccer field on synthetic grass

How to Place Artificial Turf

Once you’ve decided to install artificial turf at home, work, or in a public place, check out the tips for installing your own turf. Some people choose to do their own installation, but it’s important to understand the steps involved and the materials needed. 

Adequate, debris-gathering area prep ensures a smooth installation. SYNLawn artificial turf can be installed over many surfaces but will do best over dirt. If you have a concrete or solid area you are converting to turf (like a roof or area in the yard), your artificial turf can go right on top. Be careful, though, to not install turf on sand or other uneven material that can shift easily and damage your turf.

If artificial turf is right for your home, workplace, or public area, SYNLawn Dallas is here to help! We can help any homeowner, business owner, or school/city find the right turf and even help with installation. Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to make the entire artificial turf selection and installation process easy. Get in touch by filling out this contact form to start learning how we can help.