What is the Best Artificial Turf for Dallas Weather?

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What is the Best Artificial Turf for Dallas Weather?

The sheer number of different turf options can be overwhelming as you begin to research artificial turf options in Dallas. Dallas is a great place for artificial turf at homes, offices or stores. The average weather makes it easy to care for turf. Here’s how to determine which artificial turf is right for you.

Considerations for Artificial Turf in Dallas

As you start to decide what type of turf might be right for your yard, there are a few things to take into consideration. These are the five main questions you should think about when you go in to discuss your options with a synthetic turf professional:

  • What is the primary use of your turf?
  • Do you have a color preference (darker, lighter, somewhere in between)?
  • Where will your turf go (inside or outside)?
  • What size space are you looking at converting to artificial turf?
  • What is your budget for your turf?

Categories of Artificial Turf for Dallas

Once you know more about what color, texture and use of your artificial turf, you can start to investigate the different options. Consider your primary use when you look at the different SYNLawn turf choices you have available.

For Golf Lovers

Do you want to get in some extra hours of putting in your backyard? If so, here are two choices you can consider for a backyard putting green:

  • SYNLawn Classic Putt — ball roll performance to make you feel like you’re on a professional course while still being budget-friendly.
  • SYNLawn Precision Putt Pro — a roll is almost as if you were at a professional golf course.

For Kids

Kids can be rough on your turf, especially if they love to run and play. Give them a safe area to do so with turf. If your outdoor area will see use from kids or the next big football star, here are two choices to look at:

  • SYNLawn Play Premium — deep-colored, well-balanced for indoor and outdoor use, including lots of traffic and play.
  • SYNLawn Play Platinum — a natural, healthy look. that is resilient and can withstand a lot of use.

For Pets

Pet owners need a turf that is easy to clean and can handle a lot of back and forth or figure eight running patterns. These two options can be right for you:

  • SYNLawn Pet Platinum — backing provides good drainage that is perfect for pets and quick clean up.
  • SYNLawn Pet Premium — backing for permeability for drainage, with slightly stiffer blade structure for easy cleaning.

For Parties & Gatherings

If you plan on hosting neighborhood gatherings and backyard get-togethers, a sturdy, durable turf that looks great is what you need. Here’s two options to consider:

  • SYNAugustine 347 — a multi-colored fusion of natural grass colors and thick tan thatch zone with the softest, most realistic looking turf variety to date
  • SYNBlue 348 — multi-colored grass blades and thatch for an unrivaled realistic look and feel

For General Lawn & Landscape

If you want a great looking lawn without the need for all the maintenance that comes with a beautiful lawn, here’s several choices to consider:

  • SYNFescue 243 — perfect replication of natural grass at an affordable price point
  • SYNFescue 343 — performance and natural, extremely flexible and durable
  • SYNPro 65 — allure and luxurious features at a price you’ll love
  • SYNTipede 243 — a low profile pile height and heavy-duty Omega-shaped blades, with strength and resiliency featuring delustered and UV stabilized colors ensuring long-lasting beauty as well as life expectancy

A synthetic turf professional can help you figure out all the answers to your questions and identify the right turf for your application. They can help you understand the benefits of turf and the process for installation or maintenance. Contact us today at 214-919-0767 or with this contact form.