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SYNLawn Dallas artificial grass was designed to make the lives of homeowners easier. Over 50 years of research and development have been dedicated towards designing, engineering, and manufacturing the highest quality, plant-based synthetic grass on the market. SYNLawn has been fully committed towards innovating the artificial grass industry not just in Dallas, but across the globe. Dallas artificial grass is far more than a just grass alternative, it is a highly effective way to save time and money on lawn care, lawn repairs, water bills, and maintenance equipment!

Low-Maintenance Artificial Turf in Dallas, TX

Most homeowners and commercial property owners have many more important priorities than maintaining their lawn. Others are not always inclined to stay consistent with the substantial amount of effort that is required to achieve a gorgeous, green lawn year-round. In response, SYNLawn manufactured its Dallas synthetic grass to eliminate traditional maintenance requirements and provide your landscape with ultra-realistic grass through every season, rain or shine. This means that you can successfully cut your water bills nearly in half, reduce your carbon emissions substantially, and stop paying maintenance crews to do weekly upkeep. No more mud, no more costly repairs, no more excessive watering, and no more weekends spent mowing! Reinvest your time and money back into your hobbies, friends, family, and more.

The Only Plant-Based Artificial Grass in the Industry

So, how do we eliminate traditional maintenance? We manufacture eco-friendly synthetic grass that stands the test of time and can be reused and recycled. SYNLawn is a proud partner with local soybean farmers here in the USA. This partnership allows us to source materials such as renewable soybeans and sugar cane so we can replace significant amounts of petroleum from our turf’s composition. Additionally, since one lawn mower can emit nearly 90 pounds of carbon per year, we can eliminate that carbon emissions by removing the need for lawn care equipment. We manufacture all of our synthetic grass in-house at our ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA to ensure the quality of our Dallas artificial grass and meet environmental standards to further our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Decades of Durability and Performance

With our proprietary, eco-friendly Dallas artificial grass design, your lawn will last for decades. Commercial properties especially rely on SYNLawn Dallas synthetic turf for their environmental benefits as well as their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Businesses are visited by sometimes unpredictable amounts of customers throughout the year. Traditional grass would fade, crumple under feet, and deteriorate over time. However, this is not the case with SYNLawn artificial turf. Our omega-shaped turf fibers increase durability and keep turf fibers in an upright position offering a more realistic appearance as well as behavior. Combined with a dense thatch, our variety of pile heights allow for our grass to bounce back from impact be it from walking or high-intensity athletics. Business owners know that a first impression can make or break a new customer relationship and for this reason, they choose SYNLawn. When taken care of through means of minimal maintenance, your landscape will easily last for over 20 years.

Professional Installation Prevents Replacement

Our commitment to superior quality and customer service is something that we take pride in. We ensure that every project that we take on is installed properly and efficiently because your satisfaction truly is our highest priority. Additionally, improper installations can create further issues down the road that may lead to repairs or full lawn replacement. For example, turf that is installed in opposing directions create seems and with use, can result in wrinkling and unnatural appearances. This destroys the illusion of real grass and defeats the purpose of replacing your traditional sod grass. Our expert installers undergo extensive training to ensure precision installations at every job site to provide consistent and long-lasting luxury. We are fully licensed and insured to complete multimillion-dollar projects from start to finish. You can rest assured that SYNLawn will always be there to provide your home or business with the most gorgeous landscape.

Low-maintenance, eco-friendly materials, decades of durability, and professional Dallas artificial grass installation services are just a few of the many ways that SYNLawn will save you time and money! Not to mention, we have several financing options and monthly payment plans to help alleviate upfront costs! The possibilities for synthetic turf are truly endless and we continue to explore them to remain the leader in in the artificial turf industry. For more information about how our products can transform and revitalize your property, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!