Five Good Reasons to Choose SYNLawn Dallas For Your School Playground

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    In Dallas, playground grass on school premises serves a dual purpose. They are both a resource for the school and the local community. Schools being set within the neighborhood blocks make them a gathering place regardless of whether a school is in session. However, playground grass and other play space areas are primarily funded out of your school budget. Each budget cycle the question of how many loads of sand, wood chips, or ground-up rubber tires will be required to keep the space clean and tidy is asked. Dallas playground turf systems, however, can eliminate those issues. This is because SYNLawn’s warranty protects you against UV degradation, backing integrity, yarns, and turf bind for the life of the product.
    school synthetic lawn


    Our TrampleZones® allow you to only replace high-wear areas instead of starting from scratch. Playground turf requires less maintenance both with day-to-day issues and after severe weather. Dallas playground turf, installed by our contractors, requires nothing more than a once-over with a leaf blower to have it ready for the first recess of the day. Crazy Spring weather wreaking havoc on lawn care no longer results in days of the lunch room doubling as a playground. In addition, it frees up school-based and district maintenance staff for other projects and repairs.


    The 2020-21 School year taught us that cleanliness can help create a safer learning environment. Super Yarn; technology, introduced in 2020, includes three components that make up its DNA. They include anti-static, enhanced IR reflectivity, and Sanitized®, antimicrobial properties. Together they help fight the spread of germs. Dallas playground turf also reduces muddy, sandy floors after each recess or play period. Those high-traffic areas under the bottom of slides and swings no longer become mud pits after rainy days and man-hours are not spent cleaning up high-traffic indoor areas afterward.


    Providing a play space that welcomes all students, regardless of their abilities is a goal within reach with an SYNLawn Dallas playground. Sand, dirt, wood chips, and rubber pellets all prevent some students from being included in the very parts of the day where friendships are solidified. The playground turf installations we have done in Dallas are a welcoming space for all and a beacon of our commitment to our communities.


    SYNLawn Dallas’ playground grass systems have multiple certifications from IPEMA as well as meet ADA compliance to help you design a safe and accessible area for all your students. Dallas playground systems can include our HeatBlock; technology to prevent burning the skin during even the hottest days Dallas has to offer.
    jungle gym installed on artificial grass

In Addition, the Fall Pad; system reduces the likelihood of injuries from falls. Dallas playground systems that are properly designed can help reduce injuries from heights as high as 10 feet. Uneven surfaces that create trip and fall hazards are reduced as well while still allowing for contours and elevated features.

Dallas-based SYNLawn represents more than 25 years of experience and traces its roots to 1960 with its parent company Astroturf. We are licensed and insured to work on any sized commercial or residential project from start to finish and offer a variety of pre-fab projects that can service your needs or serve as a jumping-off point for your ideas. Contact Dallas SYNLawn today and take advantage of your free consultation.