Should You Get an Artificial Lawn Installed in Spring?

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It’s officially springtime! The sun is starting to shine more, the birds are chirping, and all the gorgeous spring flowers are starting to burst onto the scene. 

It’s the time of year when many people are inspired to do a little spring-cleaning— and for homeowners, that also might mean taking the time to make some home improvements or work on some projects. 

Are you envisioning a summer full of relaxing outside, playing with your kids or dog in the yard, or hosting the next great neighborhood cook-out? If so, maybe it’s finally time to spruce up your outdoor space so you’re all set for those summer shindigs. 

If you’ve ever thought about installing an artificial lawn, this could be your year. And the spring season is the perfect time of year to make the investment. Keep reading and we’ll explain why.


You’re Already in a Spring-Cleaning Mood

There’s a lot of talk about “spring-cleaning” this time of year, and there’s actually some history behind it! Back in the day when houses were heated by fireplaces, great care was taken to close everything in and retain heat. After a long winter, houses were typically covered in soot and grime. When warmer weather finally arrived, it was their opportunity to open all the windows and air things out.

Although our living conditions are much better now, the concept still holds strong. Sunshine after a dreary winter gives us a sense of renewal and a newfound energy. Plus, with more daylight, there’s even more time to do some projects! Take advantage of the energy burst by finally making the investment into artificial turf.


The Weather is Perfect for Prep Work

Another reason the spring season is perfect for installing an artificial lawn is that we haven’t yet reached the dog days of summer when it’s way too hot to be doing outdoor projects.

If you’re replacing existing grass or plans, you’ll need to excavate your lawn first, as well as add an artificial turf base and a geotextile layer. In the early spring, the ground tends to be nice and soft, which will make it easier to excavate. Be careful of it being too wet though, as waterlogged grass can be difficult to work with. If spring showers are in the forecast, you’ll want to wait it out a bit. Waterlogged grass can be difficult

You can learn more about preparing your existing lawn here.


Stop the Bills Before They Hit

Summers are known for driving up your water bill as you try to keep your grass healthy and green. 

In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), residential outdoor water use across the United States accounts for nearly 9 billion gallons of water each day! 

With an artificial lawn, you can drastically slash your water bill down. The only water you’ll need is when you’re ready to clean the artificial grass, which is only occasionally. Sign us up!


Reduce Your Outdoor Chores

In addition to saving you money, artificial lawn means you can get away with doing fewer chores!

Tired of mowing the lawn? We’re with you. With synthetic grass, there’s no mowing needed. 

Artificial lawn maintenance is as easy as brushing out the turf every now and then, a water-based herbicide for the rare weeds popping through, and spot-treating stains with soap and water.

Easy, right? With your turf in place, you can spend your weekends with friends and family—not doing yard maintenance. 


Get Ready for Those Summertime BBQs

4th of July cook-out, anyone? Like we mentioned earlier, installing your artificial lawn in the spring ensures you’re ready to show off your beautiful outdoor space come summertime. 

Artificial lawns don’t need weed killers, fertilizers, or any other chemicals, so you’ll feel good knowing your children (and fur children) are safe as they play outside. And speaking of your fur children, artificial grass is great for dogs— especially if yours has a habit of nibbling on regular grass. Most dogs will ignore artificial grass.  Plus, any messes they make are easily cleaned off with water and a mild detergent.


Grass That Lasts

High-quality artificial grass will look great anywhere from 12-20 years, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Not only will you reduce your water bill and have way less yard maintenance to take care of, but you’ll also rest easy knowing you’ve made an investment in your property.

This is especially prominent in the summertime, as the heat and humidity can wreak havoc on normal grass. Your artificial lawn will be able to withstand hot Dallas summers and will always look good, with very little maintenance required. 

Plus, artificial lawns are incredibly durable. Throughout the spring, summer, and beyond, your new landscaping will tolerate foot traffic, playtime, pick-up softball games, and anything else you put it through. 


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