Why More Texas Homeowners are Choosing a Synthetic Lawn

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More and more Texas homeowners are choosing a synthetic lawn for their pets, children’s play areas, roof decks, patios, and other areas around the home and office. But why choose artificial landscape grass over the real thing? Synthetic turf lawn is made from soft, plant-based materials that look and feel like real grass. Additionally, they’re environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and offer many other benefits.

Texas, extreme weather conditions make it challenging to grow a healthy natural lawn. Those with children or pets may also be worried about using harsh chemicals necessary to maintain a lawn’s appearance. Artificial turf offers an optimal solution to these and other issues that come along with natural grass.


The Advantages of Choosing a Synthetic Lawn

Having a densely lush, beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be expensive, involve substantial upkeep, or pollute the neighborhood. Below, you’ll find the top 10 advantages that come along with installing a synthetic lawn. 


1. Low-maintenance Landscape

Artificial grass is incredibly low-maintenance and doesn’t require mowing, watering, fertilizing, or other work. You don’t have to pull weeds or fix brown patches. Synthetic grass requires little if any care to remain functional all year long. Instead of caring for your lawn, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and pursue hobbies. 


2. Durable, Long-Lasting Design

Ever notice how natural grass gets bare spots in areas that you walk on the most? Places where children and pets play also tend to wear out quickly. As a result, your lawn can develop patches that are aesthetically displeasing. Even worse, water can accumulate in these spots and form mud puddles. Artificial turf is highly durable and can withstand heavy use. Before installation, the ground will be flattened, preventing the possibility of pools.


3. Get the Lawn That’s Right for You

Synthetic grass is available in a wide variety of different styles for many different uses. For example, artificial lawns for pets are specially designed to eliminate odors and offer maximum drainage. On the other hand, you may prefer a turf with heat-reflecting properties to keep your children’s play area cool. Whether you need a lawn as a putting green, playground, sports field, or any other purpose, you’ll find a synthetic turf to meet your needs. 


4. Do the Environment a Favor

Those interested in minimizing their carbon footprints should consider an artificial lawn. Synthetic grass spares the need for watering, lawnmower supplies, and chemical contaminants that pollute the environment and deplete your bank account. You’ll save money on lawn maintenance equipment while conserving resources and reducing noise pollution. Synthetic lawns are also made from plant-based polyols, which are recyclable.


5. Installation is Easy

Installing a standard synthetic grass is more straightforward than you might think. Our do-it-yourself artificial lawn installation guide shows how quickly you can set up your turf. If you prefer to have help, installation support specialists can install the lawn for you. After the initial installation, all you need to do is brush up the fibers on the surface and rinse it off.


6. Ideal for Pets

Synthetic lawns are available specifically for pets, allowing for optimal drainage and deodorization. As a result, your pets will stay clean and won’t be able to dig holes or track in mud. Pet waste is easy to clean away, and surfaces can be washed with water and household cleaners. Most importantly, the lack of pesticides and fertilizers make your pet’s environment safer.


7. Cut Down on Costs

Synthetic lawns are considerably more affordable than natural grass lawns. Apart from the initial cost of the material and installation, there are no other long-term expenses involved. You’ll save money on lawn mower supplies, fertilizers, weed spray, water, and seed for replacing bare patches. Over time, these savings add up and could be invested in more meaningful ways.


8. Free from Pesticides

Real grass doesn’t always stay entirely green without adding fertilizers and pesticides. However, these substances can be dangerous when kids and pets come into direct contact with them. An artificial lawn, by contrast, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Best of all, synthetic grass doesn’t provide food or shelter for pests. That means fewer bugs. As a result, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your pets and children can play outside safely.


9. Weather Resistance

Many Texas lawns go brown during the dry summer months unless you water regularly. During a drought, you may even struggle to keep your grass alive, let alone lush and green. Extreme cold in the winter can also wreak havoc on your lawn. In contrast, a synthetic turf only requires water when you want to rinse it clean.


10. Consistent Appearance

Artificial grass lawns look almost identical to natural grass, without the brown spots and bare patches. Your entire yard will appear well-manicured and weed-free year-round. Typically, large areas of shade stifle the growth of natural grass. However, your synthetic lawn will look just as good in the shade as it does in the sun.


Now You Know Why The Neighbors Are Choosing Synthetic Lawns

Artificial lawns offer a versatile solution to those living in sometimes challenging terrain. Despite the soft, natural appearance of synthetic grass, it can withstand battles against the elements. In areas with frequent foot traffic such as playgrounds, recreational fields, and pets’ yards, artificial turf lawns are providing safe, low-maintenance, and durable solutions. 

Artificial landscape grass can help you maximize the value of your property and transform otherwise unusable space into a versatile living space. For anyone that wants to have an exceptional landscape without the cost, waste, and chemicals of natural grass, synthetic turf could be the best option for your home.

Learn more about Synthetic Lawns by contacting the experts at SYNLawn at (866) 796-5296 or reaching out via our online form. Our synthetic lawn specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.